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My issue, as well as other players lacking these items, is that they're currently BiS (Best in Slot) items, with no real substitutes that can be used.

Scattered Shots: Best-in-slot hunter gear for Cataclysm | Engadget
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Discipline Priest | Guides | AutomaticJak | A Healer Community
Guide is currently out-of-date.
It will be updated soon.
Best in slot range Picture is currently missing Amulet of ranging t Helmet: Lava slayer helmet, this is obtained from the Runecoin machine for the cost of 20k best in slot and a Fused slayer helmet.
Note: Â While the Lava Chompy hat is a good alternative to the Lava slayer helmet, I prefer the Lava slayer helmet.
The 5% damage to all monsters that it gains is definitely more useful than the 5 attack bonus that you lose from wearing the Lava slayer helmet.
Vorkath's head is obtained as a rare drop from killing Vorkath, which can be teleported to with a Vorkath teleport scroll, which is dropped by rune dragons.
Ava's accumulator t is obtained from the RuneX points shop for 25,000 RuneX points.
The Max cape variant is obtained by using the Ava's assembler on a Max cape along with 250m coins.
Necklace: Amulet of ranging tthis is obtained as a rare chance from killing a reanimated Kalphite queen in the achievement guild basement, which is reanimated with the Kalphite queen head which is obtained as a rare chance from killing Kalphite queen.
Note: The Amulet of Nardah has +1 range strength compared to the Amulet of ranging t.
However it also has significantly lower attack bonuses.
 This is obtained from regular mummies in thetheor Nardah implings which spawn rarely inside of a Nardah instance.
Bow: Cursed Twisted bow, this is obtained by bringing 50m best in slot tokens 50b cash and a Twisted bow to the platinum trader in ::shops.
The Twisted bow is obtained from the chest in the end of the raid after killing olmlet or from Xeric raid boxes.
Arrows: Dragon arrow, these are obtained many places in the game, but they can be purchased from ::shops from the NPC called "Lowe".
They can also be obtained from killing Black dragons.
Top: Morrigan's leather topthis is obtained rarely from opening the chest after you kill the ancient warriors more info the cursed crypt.
To access the cursed crypt you need cursed keys which are obtained from a variety of different wilderness activities.
Bottoms: Morrigan's leather chaps , this is obtained rarely from opening the chest after you kill the ancient warriors in the cursed crypt.
To access the cursed crypt you need cursed keys which are obtained from a variety of different wilderness activities.
Note:Â Tehnically Darkroot top and Darkroot legs are best in slot.
Gloves: Corrupted bracelet ithis is obtained from the item enchantment chest north-east of ::home.
To make this you need a regular Corrupted bracelet, Cursed blood orb, and 5k Rune coins 65% chance of success.
You can also get this from the chest in the end of the raid after killing Olm.
You can also get this from Grand crests.
Note: Grand boots have identical ranging stats to Molten boots.
They're obtained by using each of the "Grand crest boots" Warria, Archon, and Arcan with an Ancient relic from Raids 1 at the item enchantment chest 100% chance.
Ring: Grand Ring i , this is obtained from the item enchantment chest north-east of ::home.
To make this you need a regular Grand ring, and an Imbuing stone 25% chance of success.
Note:Â The recent update to the ancient rings 3 items for 6.
Note:Â Kharazi ring i is a good cheaper alternative to the Grand ring i.
It provides 12 range strength and 16 range attack, as compared to 14 range strength and 14 range attack.
It is made with 2 imbuing stones and a Kharazi ring.
Costs a fused slayer helmet and 20k rune coins.
 Cape: 3rd Age Cloakthis is obtained rarely from master task scrolls.
Necklace:Â Arcane stream necklacethis is obtained from the "Mage of wisdom"'s rune coin shop for 10,000 rune coins.
To access this shop you need to complete either all 4 of the lower tiered exchanges or the 5th exchange alone when the Mage of wisdom changes his exchange, you need to do this again in order to gain access to the shop.
Note: the Mage of wisdom changes the items available for purchase in his shop every 12 hrs, and changes his exchange every 72 hrs.
Note: the Sanguinesti pendant provides more magic attack bonus than the Arcane stream necklace but sacrifices some magic damage % bonuses.
Sanguinesti has +20 compared to +14 and +10% compared to +15% Wand: Cursed Kodai wand, this is obtained by bringing 50m platinum tokens 50b cash and a Kodai wand to the Platinum trader in ::shops.
The Kodai wand is obtained rarely from the chest in the Chambers of Xeric.
It can also be obtained from a Xeric raid box.
  BIS multi target Sanguinesti Staffthis is obtained rarely from looting the chest after completing a Theatre of blood raid.
It can also be obtained from the Theatre raid box.
BIS single target Blessing: Chaos blessingthis is obtained from the.
It is obtained from using gold tomb keys on the sarcophagi in Nardah very rare chanceor loot a Nardah impling which have a rare chance of spawning in a Nardah instance.
Off-Hand: Book of verzikthis is obtained rarely from the Theatre of Blood.
Alternatively it could be obtained from a Theatre raid box which is obtainable from the achievement "Defender of the Theatre", mystery tickets, promo packages, or grand promo packages.
Note: previously I had mentioned that Book of chaos was best in slot because the 3% extra magic damage was more worth it once your gear is already best in slot and your accuracy is so high.
However after some testing, I found out that 3% damage doesn't affect your max hit.
Top: Blood shaman topthis was obtained from the 2019 Kharazi event.
It is currently unobtainable.
BIS blood barrage Ancestral Robe Top, this is obtained from the Vasa Nistirio boss within raids, it can also be obtained from the chest in the end of the raid after killing olmlet.
You can also get it from Grand crests and elite tasks.
BIS single target Bottoms: Blood shaman bottomsthis was obtained from the 2019 Kharazi event.
It is currently unobtainable.
BIS blood barrage Ancestral Robe Bottoms, this is obtained from the Vasa Nistirio boss within raids.
You can also get it from Grand crests and elite tasks.
BIS single target Gloves: Tormented bracelet orsouth tahoe best hotels lake casino is obtained from elite task scrolls.
Boots: Molten boots, this is obtained from the Vanguard bosses in the raid.
You can also get this from the chest in the end of the raid after killing Olm.
You can also get this from Grand crests and Raids mystery boxes.
Ring: Thermonuclear ring ithis is obtained from using an imbuing stone on a thermonuclear ring.
The thermonuclear ring is obtained from killing the Thermonuclear smoke devil and the imbuing stone is obtained from Teclyn's rune coin shop.
It requires 5,000 rune coins and a zenyte gem to purchase.
Cost a fused slayer helmet and 20k rune coins.
The Grand max cape has the same stats as the Meteorite cape but has the added benefits of the Max cape perks.
The Grand max cape is obtained from the Item enchantment chest by using a Grand crest, Meteorite cape, Infernal max cape, and Infernal max hood 25% success rate.
Necklace: Amulet of Zealotsthis is obtained from the mage of wisdom's shop for the price of 10,000 rune coins.
Note: the Sanguinesti pendant is close in damage but the 5% boost to prayer's that zealots provides makes it best in slot.
Sword: Dark sunspearthis is obtained by using a Dark horn, which is a rare drop from Skotizo, on a Sunspear, which is a rare drop from the boss Jungle Demon.
Alternatively obtained in minigame mystery boxes or donator mystery boxes Note: Â this is only for monsters who DO NOT occupy more than a 1x1 tile space.
Scythe of Viturthis best in slot obtained rarely from opening the chest at the end of a Theatre of Blood raid.
It can also be obtained from Theatre raid boxes.
Note: Â this is only for monsters who DO occupy more than a 1x1 tile space.
Blessing: Efficiency best in slotthis is obtained from the rune coin machine for 5,000 rune coins.
Note:Â this is only best in slot for Dark sunspear.
Kharazi blessingthis was obtained from the 2019 Kharazi event.
Note:Â this is only best in slot for Scythe of vitur.
Off-hand: Avernic defenderthis is obtained from using an Avernic defender hilt obtained through Theatre of blood  on a Dragon defender t which is obtained from either the warriors guild 2,500 warriors guild tokens + dragon defender or the Runex point shop 75,000 Runex points Note: Both the Scythe of vitur and the Dark sunspear are 2h weapons.
However the Avernic defender is still best in slot when using a 1h weapon.
Platebody: Draconic platebodythis is obtained by using a Draconic lump obtained from the raids chest after killing Olm on a Dragon platebody obtained from Vorkath or Rune dragons Platelegs: Draconic platelegs, this is obtained by using a Draconic chunk obtained from the raids chest after killing Olm on a pair of Dragon platelegs.
Gloves: Ferocious glovesthis is obtained by using Hydra leather, which is a rare drop from the Alchemical Hydra, on a pair of Warria gloves, which is received from opening Grand crests.
Large monster BIS Karamja gloves 3this is obtained by trading in 2,500 trading sticks by clicking on them.
This is better than Ferocious gloves when using a spear or hasta.
Using this with the Dark Sunspear increases its damage by 15%.
here monster BIS Boots: Grand boots this is obtained from the Item enchantment chest by using Warria boots, Archon boots, Arcan boots, and an Ancient relic 100% success rate.
Note: Warria boots, Archon boots, and Arcan boots are all obtained rarely from Grand crests.
Ring: Grand ring ithis is obtained from the Item enchantment chest by using Grand ring obtained from Grand crests rarely and an imbuing stone 25% success rate.
Best in slot experience bonus C ape: Grand backpack, this is obtained from the item enchantment chest north-east of ::home by using a Skilling backpack tLava backpack, Frozen backpack, Spirit cape, and an Ancient relic 33% chance of success.
Skilling backpack t is obtained from the item enchantment chest, Lava and Frozen backpacks from Grand crests, Spirit cape from the Mage of wisdom, Ancient relic from Chamber of xeric.
This will provide 15% bonus experience.
Credit goes to for being the first player to receive a Grand backpack.
Note:Â Both the Skilling backpack t and Skilling backpack are acceptable alternatives for a Grand backpack.
The Skilling backpack is obtained from the rune coin machine at a cost of 500 rune coins 5% experience boost.
While the Skilling backpack t is obtained from the item enchantment chest, requiring a Skilling backpack, Ring of wealth iand 2,500 rune coins 40% chance of success 10% experience boost.
Blessing: Scholars blessing, this is obtained from the rune coin machine for 5,000 rune coins.
This does not provide any direct experience boost, but while equipped see more will double the experience cap per experience token see experience tokens section below of all experience tokens.
Ex: Instead of getting 3x experience for 5,000 experience gained per catalyst token, you'll receive 3x experience for 10,000 experience gained per catalyst token.
 Note: the Efficiency blessing also helps you get more experience per hour increases speed of gathering raw materials by 25% but the Scholars blessing is best in slot as long as you are using experience tokens.
If you aren't using experience tokens, the Efficiency blessing would be best in slot.
Platebody: Varrock armour  4, this is obtained from the achievement point shop for intolerable. best craps video game about achievement points.
It provides a 20% experience boost.
can best tips for playing slots at casino remarkable the lower tier Varrock armors 1, 2, and 3 cost less achievement points 10, 25, https://juegoenelmundo.com/best/best-free-offline-poker-games-for-android.html 50 respectively and provide less % experience boost 5%, 10%, and 15% respectively Off-hand: Skiller's tome IVthis is obtained from the skilling point shop for a total of 1,000 skilling points 500 for best in slot tome itself, 500 collectively for the previous 3 tomes.
This will provide 15% bonus experience.
Note:Â the lower tier Skiller's tomes I, II, and III cost less Skilling points 50, 150, and 300 points respectively and provide less % experience boost 2.
Gloves: Safety glovesthis is obtained from the achievement "Land Inhabitant II" which is completed after you have 50 hours 2 days 2 hours playtime.
It provides a 2.
Boots: Fighting boots, this is obtained from the achievement "Land Inhabitant III" which is completed after you have 200 hours 8 days 8 hours playtime.
It provides a 2.
Pet: Epic pet with 4 master experience accessories, this is obtained by using 3 "Accessory upgrade"s on any epic pet.
Once you've added 3 more slots to your epic pet you can add 4 master experience accessories to it.
The pet will provide a 60% experience boost 15% per master experience accessory.
Note: due to the rarity and price of master experience accessories, regular "Experience accessory"s provide a 5% experience boost per accessory and are more easily obtainable.
Skill specific achievement experience gear: Note: all of this gear is obtained from achievements which are unlocked from achieving a certain level in the respective skill.
All skill specific experience gear provide 5% experience per piece in their respective skill.
For this reason, any tier of Varrock armor will remain best in slot for experience boosts.
Lumberjack set, this set is for the woodcutting skill.
Golden tinderbox, this is used in the firemaking skill.
Mining helmet, this is helmet is used in the mining skill.
Rogue set, this set is for the thieving skill.
Magic secateursthis item is for the farming skill.
Note: Magic secateurs don't directly boost farming experience, instead they increase the speed at which crops grow.
Skill specific skilling point experience gear: Note:  all of this gear is obtained from the skilling point shop from the skilling equipment boxes 25 skilling points ea.
All of this gear provides a 5% experience boost per piece in their respecitve skill.
For this reason, any tier of Varrock armor will remain best in slot for experience boosts.
Angler outfitthis is used for the fishing skill.
Prospector outfitthis is used for the mining skill.
The mining hat is better than the mining helmet from achievements.
Farmer's outfitthis is used for the farming skill.
Pyromancer outfitthis is best in slot for the firemaking skill.
Experience tokens: Note: Â all experience tokens calculate the experience gained before the experience multiplier is added.
For example, Skiller tokens will crumble into dust after 20,000 total experience is gained 40,000 with Scholar's blessing.
These will provide 2x experience for 10,000 experience gained per token.
These tokens will only work for non-combat skills.
Combat tokens, these are obtained from various places such as, black chest, bag of tokens, vote reward shop, and prize boxes.
These will provide 2x experience for 10,000 experience gained per token.
These tokens will only work for combat skills.
Note: combat skills include attack, strength, defense, ranging, prayer, magic, hitpoints, and summoning.
Catalyst tokens, these are obtained from various places such as, bag of tokens, vote reward shop, prize boxes, and.
These will provide 3x experience for 5,000 experience gained per token.
These tokens will work for any skill.
Mystic tokens, these are obtained from Teclyn's rune coin shop.
They require 1 catalyst token and 10 rune coins per mystic token.
These will provide 5x experience for 5,000 experience gained per token.
These tokens will work for any skill.
Experience Elixirs: Note:Â All of these elixirs can be obtained by elixir crafting.
Check out for more information.
All elixirs will also stack with experience gear, and experience tokens.
Studious Elixirthis is obtained from the donator shop, prize boxes, or through elixir crafting.
This elixir will provide 25% bonus experience in non-combat skills for 60 minutes.
Training Elixirthis is obtained from the donator shop, prize boxes, or through elixir crafting.
This elixir will provide 25% bonus experience in combat skills for 60 minutes.
Knowledge Elixirthis is obtained from the donator shop, prize boxes, or through elixir crafting.
This elixir will provide 33% bonus experience in any skill for 60 minutes.
 Huge thanks to , ,Â, Â, , ,Âand  for assisting with the making of this guide.
Perhaps add in a second or third best as well.
Player such as myself still want the best equipment available to use within our budget.
Edited May 4, 2018 by Dragon Paws There are no trimmed range ammy ingame.
 Where is this infamous accuracy people talk about?
If you refer to the stats on the top, then it clearly state «attack bonus».
 The ones shown above is calculsted to be best in slot.
 So after testing both setups, its no doubt chaos blessing and book of chaos thermonuclear ring i, is alot better then ring of darkness with blessing and book.
Edited May 11, 2018 by Abigail wrong ring name So after testing both setups, its no doubt chaos blessing and book of chaos thermonuclear ring i, is alot better then ring of darkness with blessing and book.
Impossible to say unless you tested the same mob for over 100 hours, we are talking about a difference of +10% to an invisible stat here.
The RNG also involved would make it almost impossible to observe.
We need the coding to truly know.
The RNG also involved would make it almost impossible to observe.
We need the coding to truly know.
That's actually quite wrong.
Most youtubers that do max hit tests and calculations don't have the actual code to know differences between things.
They do an hour or so of testing each weapon and calculate the difference in damage.
 That's actually quite wrong.
Most youtubers that do max hit tests and calculations don't have the actual code to know differences between things.
They do an hour or so of testing each weapon and calculate the difference in damage.
 So how do you know what a max hit is?
If there was a dummy i'd agree but again if you are just hitting mobs there are to many variables to actually know what best in slot max hit is.
Again its like saying OH i rolled a 10 sided dice and got 10 everytime it so much better than roling this 20 sided dice which i only rolled 5 and below on.
RNG has alot at play.
If there was a dummy i'd agree but again if you are just hitting mobs there are to many variables to actually know what a max hit is.
Again its like saying OH i rolled a 10 sided dice and got 10 everytime it so much better than roling this 20 sided dice which i only rolled 5 and below on.
RNG has alot at play.
Yeah, there's a lot of variables.
You're able to come to a consensus based on hours of testing something.
Say a dragon dagger for example.
With max str the gear the dagger should be able to 45 45 in PvP.
Obviously higher taking into account pvm when you factor a slayer helmet in.
 Does best gear for magic necessitate highest damage?
Why best in slot you use not use fire tome i for highest damage output?
If not, what spell are you using to achieve max hit in magic?
EDIT: Another comment just for visualization purposes.
Seems a bit counter intuitivate you stating what each best item is, yet most people don't even have those items don't know article source it will equate to when they compare the bonuses of the best items in comparison to their own items.
I think this is poor representation of a "guide" for people to use if they even know what the bonuses are.
Edited May 12, 2018 by karlyla Additional Commentary I also have been asking around, with ppl that use darkness,blessing and inf book for a loong time, they maxed 52-55 Chaos blessing and book, you go up to 65-67 there is no 0% chance darkness will be bis by miles.
 Just facts,just don't want to argu.
I also have been asking around, with ppl that use darkness,blessing and inf book for a loong time, they maxed 52-55 Chaos blessing and book, you go up to 65-67 there is no 0% chance darkness will be bis by miles.
 Just facts,just don't want to argu.
Thank you for letting me test it out.
 Time to code some more content that would make use of a high defence or high prayer bonus set up  "Sorry for the image quality, I blame " No i blame you ralph yoou posted the guide so fix the picture Nice guide overall tho It's because of how stretched you have the imagine.
Might be a little more in-depth than you originally wanted to go, but I think it would help the newer players out for sure.
Edited May 16, 2018 by Rolla Another comment just for visualization purposes.
Planning on incorporating stats in the future, since currently I do not own the best in slot gear.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Thank you for updating this!
I will make a huge request though to make this guide 10x better IMO, add the 2nd BIS gear for those who can not afford the BIS gear.
I'm sure a majority of newer players would appreciate that.
Thank you for updating this!
I will make a huge request though to make this guide 10x better IMO, add the 2nd BIS gear for those who can not afford the BIS gear.
I'm sure a majority more info newer players would appreciate that.
I'm a new player and i would appreciate to see 2nd best and 3rd maybe even 4th at possible for the super poor as my self  i could join you and we could provider 2nd and 3rd bis Just so People can see them Pm in game if you'd like to join that.

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I worked on a BiS spreadsheet here.
Its not complete and its only based on item best in slot />It doesn't take into account skills at all.
There really is no perfect BiS sheet because everyones opinions on the matter are going to vary Active Global Chat Question Answerer Home City : Redemption Chat me up if you want hugs and pets.
Its not complete and its best in slot based on item power.
It doesn't take into account skills at all.
There really is no perfect BiS sheet because everyones opinions on the matter are going to vary Those links are case sensitive.
The Go here and H capital will take you to the Apple Market.
Though lowercase takes you to the Officially Unofficial Shop Heroes google spreadsheet.
Its not complete and its only based on item power.
It doesn't take into account skills at all.

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I was wondering what opinions people had about what the best in slot gear for railjack is. For components, it looks pretty obvious to me.

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Accept Reject Every Monday and Thursday, WoW Insider brings you forand hunters.
Frostheim of uses logic and science mixed with a few mugs of dwarven stout to look deep into the hunter class.
Mail your hunter questions to.
Loot week continues here at Scattered Shots, and in Cataclysm, all loot is hunter loot!
Whether it's a brand new gun click to see more blow the face off of dragons or a decorative mace to put over your hearth, anything purple was put in the game for hunters to claim.
On Monday, we discussed in depth.
Today, we're going best in slot take a broader view and look at our best loot options slot by slot.
We're going to be considering everything that drops from current normal-mode raid content, as well as what we can purchase with our valor points.
As always, we are not going to best in slot PvP options.
With the massive increase in the value of agility that Cataclysm brought to us, the PvP set is shockingly attractive; however, the agility it provides is being nerfed on the PTR right now.
Clearly, Blizzard doesn't want you to have to run arenas or rated battlegrounds just to build your optimal raid set we'll see how successful they are at that.
Join me after the cut as we dig into the giant pile of loot best books to us and mourn the lack of any hunter gun drops in raids.
Lightning-Charged tier 11 set The new hunter set continues the theme of breaking the "stalker" theme, and one of the first questions we always have is whether the set is worth going for.
Typicall,y what we see with set armor is that each individual piece is slightly worse than the alternative raid drops; however, the set bonus usually makes the set worth going for.
Not so in Cataclysm.
For most slots, our set pieces are actually better than the alternative drops for that slot, even without the set bonus.
This is primarily because our set pieces are giving us a better socket bonus agility and better-colored sockets.
So while the generic raid drop might have a blue socket with a 20 haste socket bonus, the set piece has a yellow socket with a 20 agility bonus.
Of course, we're also benefiting from socket bonus as well, as we've.
For most slots, our set piece is the best choice.
There are a couple of slots for which it's up in the air, depending on your hit balance, and I'll be pointing those out.
However, you do want to pursue your four-piece set bonus, so that means of the five Lightning-Charged set pieces, you only want to skip one.
However, it's not a bad thing if you end up with all five set pieces, unlike expansions past.
What to buy first?
More than any other right now, the question that is filling best in slot inbox is "What should I buy first with my valor points?
I can't tell you what the largest upgrade is for you!
While our set bonus is nice, it's not such a huge thing that we really want to get it as soon as we can.
So if you have a particularly low ilvl piece of gear, replace that first.
If you like the look of the shoulders, replace that first.
But your best bet is to go for the biggest upgrade per valor point, with an eye to eventually completing the set.
Head Our head slot has one of our delightful set pieces, the.
To get this piece, you actually need the token drop from Nefarian himself, but it is well worth it.
We are sharing a token with warriors and shamans, so that is your competition.
For the engineers out there it's worth noting that yes, this is better than your engineering goggles.
Neck Our best neck item is the that drops from Theralion and Valiona, the second boss encounter in the Bastion of Twilight.
Shoulders We have two options for the shoulder slot, depending on our hit balance.
The Lightning-Charged Spaulders are going to be the best shoulder slot item for any hunters needing the hit rating, and we get them from an armor token dropped by Cho'gal, the fourth boss encounter in the Bastion of Twilight.
However, if you don't need the hit -- and you probably do not -- then you'll prefer the that drop from Nefarian.
Happily, with reforging, even if you don't need the hit, you won't necessarily be wasting that itemization.
Back The best hunter cloak is the that can be purchased for the low price of 1,250 valor points.
Interestingly, there is also another cloak with exactly identical stats, Dory's Finery, which looks like a world drop best in slot any heroic or raid instance.
Chest Our chest slot is the second place where we may not want to go with the set piece.
Our is still a good choice, and in this case, we can just purchase it for 2,200 valor points.
However, if you need more hit rating, you can pursue the and its 228 hit, which drops from Maloriak in Blackwing Descent.
Wrists The are our best, and in fact our only, wrist drop.
They drop off of Chimaeron in Blackwing Descent, so you're really depending on your healers to get them for you.
Hands Nothing will protect our hands quite so well as ouravailable from your friendly valor vendor for 1,650 valor points.
Waist The best hunter waist option is the brilliantly nameddropping from Cho'gall in the Bastion of Twilight.
The gem socket makes it a better choice than the leatherworking-craftablebut if you have the funds, the Corded Viper Belt can certainly carry you over until you get the drop.
Legs Once again, we're sticking with our trusty set piece, theavailable for purchase for 2,200 valor points.
Feet Interestingly, the most fashionable footware for hunters doesn't come from a raid, but instead is actually the from exalted reputation with the Guardians of Hyjal.
Rings Hunters are a bit boned on the ring front.
We do not have a valor best in slot ring option, unlike every other class, as far as I can tell.
Our ring choices are a bit odd, actually.
Certainly for one of our ring slots, we want the that drops from the Omnotron Defense System in Blackwing Descent.
Our second choice is thewhich drops from the Conclave of Four Winds in the Throne of Four Winds.
If and when Mistral Circle drops, it has one of four random stat combinations.
All of them have 190 agility and then 126 of two random secondary stats.
Trinkets We discussed on Monday.
Suffice to say here that our best trinkets are the amazingavailable for 1,650 valor points, andwhich drops from Halfus Wyrmbreaker in the Bastion of Twilight.
Melee Interestingly, Cataclysm does not have a whole lot of two-handed agility options for us in raid content, and those two-handers remain superior to dual-wielding one-handers for us.
Ranged Our ranged weapon choices is an appalling atrocity against an entire race -- there are no hunter gun drops in the entire tier of raid content.
This is a tragedy, my friends.
If you are race that doesn't care what kind of ranged weapon you use, the best option is the crossbow that drops from the Theralion and Varliona encounter this web page the Bastion of Twilight.
If you're a troll, you will prefer the bow dropping from Atramedes in Blackwing Descent.
Finally, if you are a dwarf -- and this is so sad, yet again -- your best ranged weapon is the heroic ilvl 372 version.
It's a BoE, so you don't need to be doing heroic content to get it; just keep looking for it on the AH.
Yes, it's a tank weapon with strength on it, and yes, it's much faster -- but it's still going to increase a dwarf's DPS more than any other ilvl 359 or lower cheap chips best poker />That said, if you don't have the cash for it, the Dragonheart Piercer is your next best bet.
The Piercer is better than the engineering gun and better than the non-heroic version of the Crossfire Carbine, even though we lose our racial bonus.
It's also worth noting that the is better than anything for dwarves, but it does require arena or rated battleground play to acquire.
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Arcane Talent Spec 1.
It etches in our memories differently and we know things by heart rather than from memory.
It would be best for one to build specs and do all other things step by step on their own, and have someone ask questions until one comes with the final answer.
This guide is version 3.
This guide holds all the information necessary for one to come to know how Mage read article in WotLK expansion!
Have fun raiding and enjoy the game!
Last major edit happened in July 2017 and last tidbit explanation polishing happened in August 2019.
Added Project Undergeared in September information after few queries.
I will help you with any questions regarding either of the two mage specs.
If you have something to add about any part of the guide — please contact me so we may discuss it and thank you if you do so, for it are conversations with all of you that led to this quality of content!
Thank all of you who have contacted me over the years with many questions, opinions, requests and remarks, especially you Fastor for your critical and valued opinion.
Because it are mostly inexperienced players looking for guides to check more info knowledge, I filled this guide with many explanations.
The point is, this is not a pocket guide.
If you're looking for one, well, either be smart about it or look elsewhere.
Let's have a chat about Mage dps, shall we?
What spec s to get, explanation why the spec looks like it does, what gear to hunt, how to gem it, enchant it, and how to play mage in the raid environment.
Basic Mage Class Information Mage is a pure dps class and is there to dish out the numbers.
You can help dealing with adds by applying slows Cone of Cold, Frostbolt, Frost fire Bolt and rooting them in place Frost Nova.
You can cast Polymorph to CC either one mob or one raider that's being mind controlled — Polymorph regenerates HP, that way the raiders can survive!
You can assist the raid with Remove Curse, so when healers have their hands full go ahead and assist.
On occasion you can Spell Steal fun buffs in encounters.
When it comes to gameplay, Mage is one of the most carefree casters in the game.
You can move around instantly with Blink, which greatly reduces your casting downtime.
Fire Ward and Frost Ward can be used to soak some damage two talents can make this talent regen you mana and increase your spell power.
Ice Block can be used in many ways, be it to guard against over-agrro, removing that one deadly encounter debuff, and it can also be used to visit web page against remarkable, best casino food in tunica not incoming damage source that's aimed at you or you being in its way, saving you from death — once.
Mirror Image has similar use; while it's a dps cooldown per default and a potent one with T10 4 set bonus!
Once they die or the duration expires, all the threat you did meanwhile will be added back, so keep an eye out on those threat meters.
Invisibility does a similar thing — for as long as you are invisible, your threat is "paused" until you are revealed again.
This is your third guard against over-agrro.
However, Mage as a class is the most fragile of all on its own — cooldowns aside, the point is that our health pool is low and our armor is the lowest.
You can get nuked easily and a single attack from any mob in raids has a potential to one-shot us.
That's why we have powerful cooldowns and learning how to use them best is one of the more important homeworks to do.
Above mentioned "carefree" comes after you've mastered it.
It depends on your raid group setup and your gear — and raid encounter.
Both Arcane and Fire have their juice, so play what you find fun the most.
Arcane is not gear reliant, so it will perform well even with weak gears and limited raid buffs you can't have ideal setup in 10man.
It's expected to outdps Fire in stationary fights single target.
That being said, Arcane gives +3% damage buff to the raid, shared only with Retribution Paladins.
Because of the incredible scaling with haste, this is easily achieved.
The more the raid needs to move, the more dps is lost.
It has three-four abilities to dps.
It has no rotation, but priority casts.
The longer the fight lasts, the more damage Fire will do with its 12% more damage on enemies at or below 35% HP.
All information written is based on private WoW experience.
In best sport betting casino in vegas words, private server without bugs is something that does not exist.
The specific trait about Arcane is that it wants to ideally end the fight with zero mana available.
Arcane has Evocation on 2min cooldown — use your mana gems, use your Evocation - do not ask for Innervate in raids unless no healer requires it.
What do you benefit the raid with as Arcane Mage?
Arcane PvE Talent Spec for WotLK: This is a balanced spec.
Details will be at the very end.
You need Arcane Focus for the hit as well as reduced mana costs.
Arcane Stability offers 100% protection from pushback effects.
Arcane Absorption would be cool to have, but we must focus on our dps first it's taken only when you want to have increased resistances during progression raiding.
Arcane Concentration is your mana savior; and later with Arcane Potency, a dps talent.
How Magic Attunement and Student of the Mind affect your dps is explained just after the talent tree.
I suggest you pick attunement so you have wider freedom to move in pugs.
Focus Magic increases yours and one raider spell crit by 3% works for any spell crit, from any class with a spell.
The silence effect from Improved Counterspell is an useful utility, but again, unnecessary.
We need Arcane Meditation to prolong the OOM moment for as much as we can.
You don't need Improved Blink.
Arcane Potency requires Clearcasting effect obtained through Arcane Concentration talent.
Mind Mastery increases your SP by 15% of your Intellect.
Yes, it is useful on few occasions, everyone knows that, but any proper stable raiding group does not need it.
This ability doesn't help with dps and is thus usually skipped.
The talent is not necessary to be had — ideally, no proper raiding spec has it.
But if you do want it, take talent point out from Missile Barrage, it can be welcomed for those move-and-dps situations.
Cone of Cold freezing adds when all you wanted to do is slow them down.
There is Frost Nova if you will need to freeze adds at any point.
To go further, you need to invest two points somewhere.
Best choice is Frost Warding.
Simple reason is, Arcane is not there to AoE, as simple as that, and there is no need to empower your AoE potential for trash mobs.
There is a lot of frost and fire damage going on during almost every encounter in WotLK, we're at Northrend!
Why not make your wards to have a chance to regen mana in order to prolong AB spam, or even completely remove the need to use Evocation or call for Innervates?
You will always use your wards anyway!
And of course, take Icy Veins talent.
Is this the best Arcane spec?
Read further how to edit spec for such groups.
Having one point is usually enough, but taking zero points is a bit alarming.
How many points you spend here is up to you.
Arcane Focus: DPS's most important stat is hit.
If you want some other talents and are over the hitcap, if you really wish to, consider removing points from here.
Losing this talent while maintaining 17%hit won't hurt your dps.
Your spells will cost a tiny bit more, but hey.
If there is some aura of damage or other sources of pushback, paladins will use Concentration Aura and you will have 100% pushback prevention.
You will always be subjected to pushback reduction and lose your fifth missile on encounters where pushback is implemented.
Magic Attunement: Arcane Mage wants to stand in place and cast.
Every time you stop casting to move or blink is a dps loss.
Student of the Mind: Via this talent, in Tiers 7, 8 and 9 you get just around 1% crit total and ~0.
The question I ask myself is if it is worth using 3 talent points for 0.
My point is: Arcane is not crit dependent.
There's also Earth Shock Shaman but only Enhancement will ever use it.
Prismatic Cloak: This talent can only be useful on servers where boss encounter combat STATE is not properly scripted we're talking about getting in and out of combat here.
Invisibility, if properly scripted, will never drop boss encounter combat.
You will be "withhold" on the threat table and come back on it once the Invisibility is either over or broken.
You'd pre-pot before the pull like a normal raider.
Then, before you'd use your first combat pot, you'd cast Invisibility first.
To repeat: it doesn't work on well scripted servers.
If your ward can absorb 6k damage, you will get 900 more spellpower for 10 seconds.
This talent can increase your damage output on fights where you get hit by fire and frost spell schools; be it direct damage e.
Slow: Bosses are immune to it.
Most adds are casino free 100 spins />Then again, you might need it during the progression with your group.
And additionally, now you can do some damage while moving.
Never use it in the middle of your rotation.
Now how exactly is this effective in practice?
When the talent procs, the damage is negated — any amount of damage — and your Ward remains intact, ready for next incoming spell.
Here is my favorite, if exaggerated example, taken from doing Glory of the Ulduar Raider 25: Firesong gains 185,907 Mana from Firesong's Frost Warding.
Razorscale's Flame Breath was absorbed by Firesong.
In addition to negating damage taken, it ensures that your mana will be almost constantly up on every encounter where you are getting damaged by Frost or Fire spell schools read: AB spam ahoy!
That is why Ice Shards talent is not even close to being worth.
If your Ward absorbs, say, 5000 damage, you would gain 750 SP for ten seconds if all damage got absorbed at onceeffectively giving you a 30sec CD on trinket-quality worth of spellpower — on encounters where its usage is possible.
If you manage to time your Ward to absorb just as the cooldown and hence, the duration is expiring and cast new Ward right before next damage source is about to happen e.
Frost damage aura on Sapphiron and Sindragosa, pre-pullyou will gain more than the double spellpower boost.
This does not mean that you will be a derp mage that stops casting to go stand in the fire!
To make this thing work on non-aura based damages like Frostbolt Volley-ies or some AoE fire damage, you can pass by the fire when you have to re-position or briefly position yourself just at the edge of it.
If you think that you don't need a specific talent, think good of why and watch what you remove.
Remember that you aim to have highest dps, not survival or utility; such steps are for adapting to current progression difficulties are spec is reversed back to high dps after difficulty is mastered.
Drop Magic Attunement for those two points.
Now you don't need to worry about having Concentration Aura and there's no way in hell you're going to pull agrro on tanked targets.
If Frost school is a problem, consider equipping some Frost Resistance gears instead.
Receiving 15% of absorbed damage via wards as spell power one should forever avoid using Mana Shield to save oneself in raid, but Iceblock instead has a potential to increase your dps on fights where ward usage for specific school is possible.
Alternatively either drop Magic Attunement for full Arcane Subtlety and Arcane Stability 100% pushback reduction and 40% threat reduction or pick one point from Missile Barrage into Arcane Stability so you're 100% safe from interruption — or talent Arcane Barrage if you're feeling the ability.
Then weight if Magic Attunement is useful to you or not.
From there on, adapt to your need.
Your choices visit web page been explained.
If I were in a serious raiding guild with perfect raiding setup, I would use this spec.
It focuses on taking Incanter's Https://juegoenelmundo.com/best/best-online-casino-games-get-850-triple-signup-bonus.html by moving a point from Arcane Stability Holy Paladin is protecting my casts!
Or get Frost Ward minor to have 5% chance to reflect frost spells back at adds and have a laugh once a year.
Those are the best glyphs you can get.
Minor intellect glyph is kind of important to have if healer dies and gets revived and wants int buff for more % of total mana returns replenishment and extra AP for hunters and enhancement shamans.
Casting few AI now and then won't hinder your mana much.
If your mana is low or you wish to conserve mana, you use Arcane Missiles on every barrage proc.
This can also be applied to T10 2 set bonus depending on your haste in order not to lose 12% haste bonus it offers.
The goal is to end the encounter with as little mana as it is possible.
The difference in dps is not THAT great, but pushing is pushing.
What's this beast burst damage that you speak of?
Arcane Power for 20% more damage.
Icy Veins for 20% cast speed increase for 20 seconds.
Mix in on-use trinket if you have one; or proc from passive one s.
Add Power Infusion 20% casting speed increase and 20% mana cost reduction for 15sec.
Add Potion of Speed ~13% for 15sec or Potion of Wild Magic +200crit +200sp.
Spice it with two rogues with glyphed?
Tricks of the Trade for 15% increased damage for 20 seconds; if not even three rogues to cover you with 15% damage increase all the time during rotation of all those haste mind blowing numbers.
And now you know why you want Arcane Subtlety talent!
But even if they stack, if you're ICC geared you should be careful not to get your spell casting speed be faster than gcd timer.
Also pay attention when Potion of Speed loses its usefulness, Potion of Wild magic will yield more results.
What are Arcane raid consumables?
When should I use Arcane Power and Icy Veins?
It depends on three points.
Two, use them with trinket procs if you have any.
Three, save it to burst the boss or that one important add down.
If you have on-use dps trinket, use it with the CDs Talisman of Resurgence is the best on-use trinket in the game for this.
When should I use Presence of Mind?
What I read online is that players were using it before Arcane Missile so all five missiles have +30% crit chance.
However, on most if not all private servers that kind of usage is bugged as it doesn't affect all missiles, if at all.
Therefore it is best to use it on 4th AB stack for maximum dps one could also use it for an instant Polymorph.
How is Arcane Blast spam better than using Arcane Missiles?
Arcane Missiles do more damage than Arcane Blast, true, but the dps loss comes from stacking Arcane Blast again.
How you approach your dps ultimately depends on your mana situation and active cooldown usage.
Even still, if you're being raid supported, consider your mana situation!
Also consider this: while it's often bad when you oom yourself in the middle of a fight, sometimes it's better to commit full burst to kill add before things go sour.
Encounter knowledge is essential.
Anything else I should keep an eye out for?
Always mind your positioning.
You do NOT want to stop casting and move.
Basic rule of caster dpsing is ABC — Always Be Casting.
And remember — you have utility abilities.
Gem and enchant yourself accordingly to what you will read below.
WotLK Spell Hit rating versus level 83 boss is 446 17%.
Arcane has two talents helping with hit: Arcane Focus and Precision, both of which grant 3% for total 6%, thereby reducing required rating to 288 11%.
Your Arcane Missiles get 45% bonus spellpower modifier and your Arcane Blast 9% modifier.
Being Arcane Mage, you get extra spell power through Intellect via Mind Mastery talent.
Final haste softcap from gear is 1,400 rating 50% reduced cast time.
Once you pass that, your haste will continue to reduce the cast times, but it won't reduce the global cooldown.
T10 BiS 1474 haste will bring you close to GCD "cap" when a cooldown is used and it is around that point that you bring cast-increasing buffs into a rotation to maximize your dps.
To get 1% haste, you need 32.
We all love high numbers, but haste is what Arcane is all about.
To get 1% crit, you need 45.
The extra regeneration it provides does not increase our dps, all things considered 2min Evocation, three mana gems.
Reckless Ametrines are welcomed if socket bonus rewards 5SP or higher.
Into any other blue socket, gem Runed Cardinal Rubies.
The finger I lick will soon turn red.
As I have said in the introduction, Fire is one gear-hungry agrro whore.
Where Arcane favours haste, Fire wants crit, and lots of it!
Minimal amount with perfect raid setup is 28-29% Fire crit which is not that much, but it is the bottom limit with PERFECT raid groups.
With that personal crit, your total crit will be 50% again, only with perfect raiding setup!
It is why Arcane Mages are expected to surpass any Fire Mage at this point.
You're either a happy Pyroblast spammer or you are not.
What I said just now is Hot Streak talent - two concussive non-periodic fire spell crits are required for instant Pyroblast.
At one point I have had 80% raid crit and I was doing 22K dps at Deathbringer Saurfang.
Fire is rng based spec, it doesn't have "stable" dps.
Furthermore, the more Hot Streak procs you get the more you can move - casting an instant Pyroblast and refreshing Living Bombs allows you to move for the GCD amount, which is usually enough to avoid any danger.
If it does go off, CC will be ruined.
What do you benefit the raid with as Fire Mage?
Know that there are two Fire specs: Frostfire Bolt spec and Fireball spec FFB fire and TTW fire for short.
Spoiler: Torment the Weak Fireball is better.
To be fair, both specs are close.
Fireball is more potent via TTW and having Focus Magic outweights FFB capabilities.
At least until RNGesus places a bet against you.
Ice Shards +100% critical strike damage on Frostfire Bolt Icy Veins +20% spell casting speed for 20sec, 2.
Advantages of Frostfire Bolt spec are +3% hit, Icy Veins for the burst as well as safe Evocation.
You will find yourself using mana pots more than dps pots.
When you meet yourself in such situations, go for FFB spec.
One example to this is PP in ICC, a long fight with constant pushback.
If you're TTW Fire Mage without Priest in party to protect your Evocation and no Replenishment, I strongly suggest you to prepare FFB as your 2nd spec.
In addition to the possible mana problems, FFB is a better choice if you have serious issues obtaining gear with hit.
Time for FFB spec!
You lose crit, but hit stat is way more important.
Arcane Frostfire gets outperformed by all three standard specs or at least did so during my testings out of curiosity.
The spec is neither as bursty as Arcane doesn't have Icy Veins and avoids haste stat nor is it as sustainable as Fire is, but I have to admit that it cuts close - but not close enough.
The spec is using Frostfire Bolt and Arcane Barrage until Arcane Missiles trigger.
The spec holds good logic by focusing crit - FFB needs to crit to do serious damage and Arcane Missiles do 25% more damage on crit and has Arcane Power as dps cooldown.
Maybe I was doing something wrong, but.
For those curious, to the build.
Major Glyphs are Molten Armor, Frostfire Bolt and Arcane Missiles.
There's no for Frostfire Bolt, so if you want it you have to abandon Netherwind Presence.
Some say that it would be better to instead of the source, but this is cutting out Arcane Barrage and my tests concluded that it's not worth it.
Maybe someone will shed more light on this spec than I can, so until then, I can't recommend it at any point.
If you're low geared, you play Aracne, if you have good gears, any of three specs will do.
Now let's kick to the real Fire builds.
Fireball spec TTW spec There is a "better" version, look at the bottom of the build for more details.
This build has the most crit potential.
You can't afford Incineration.
It also restores mana via Empowered Fire talent.
World in Flames increases the crit of Pyroblast and Living Bomb by 6%, there's no skipping that one.
Impact is very unreliable and its stun effect isn't needed in PvE even with horrible setups.
Pyroblast is used as an instant cast via Hot Streak procs.
You need Burning Soul to reduce pushback effects and get much needed threat reduction.
The talent is also increasing the crit chance of your spam spell by 3%.
Molten Shields talent is useless in PvE.
Master of Elements is very useful - Fire is crit hungry.
More crits, more mana back!
Critical Mass is crit, 6%, you gotta love it!
Blazing Speed serves no purpose in raiding.
Fire Power is another pure dps increase, this time of 10%!
Combustion is one very, very delicious cooldown ability.
Molten Fury is what makes Fire be so high in dps the longer the execution period lasts.
Empowered Fire, on the other hand, increases the spell power of our main spells and also makes our Ignite talent restore some mana back!
We take even sexier Hot Streak.
Just read this beauty.
Hot Streak is what Fire is all about!
Living Bomb is your DoT; helps a lot with proccing Hot Streak, the final explosion has +6% crit and it affects all enemies in AoE radius of 10y!
Talk about burning down the woods!
Arcane Focus affects only arcane spells, so no 3% hit for us.
So never skip this talent lest you look like a fool when your clutch Counterspell misses and the raid wipes example: Iron Council in Ulduar.
It helps a lot on encounters with lots of environmental damage.
Clearcasting is your occasional mana saver, plus it allows you to "spam" free Flamestrikes on big squads of mobs while getting all your Ignite mana restoring ticks.
Or spam Blizzard completely free of mana cost, but you lose a lot of damage done.
I chose this talent over Flame Throwing for base spec example because when you're starting out you need critical strike more than the range increase.
Focus Magic is free 3% crit — I'll cover best targets for its use it later on.
Is this the best Fire spec?
Both yes and no.
Yes, this is the spec for the most dps increase because it has Student of the Mind for bigger critical, which is direly needed at early gearing stages and welcomed at any point; and Magic Absorption is taken for defense.
Talents where one could put them are Flame Throwing, Blast Wave and Dragon's Breath and Firestarter for the eck of it.
Don't look at Incineration, it's not worth it.
Except for Flame Throwing, none of these talents enhance your performance - those talents are taken for raid utility, or fun.
Blast Wave helps with add handling take point of Master of Elementsits knockback stops casting and slows adds, giving tank ample time to pick them up.
Last bit of attention goes to Incineration.
Fireblast and Scorch are still used sometimes, after all.
Having Student of the Mind will bring better results with the overall crit increase instead https://juegoenelmundo.com/best/best-casino-hotels-in-usa.html strengthening your utility arsenal; and usefulness of Flame Throwing is miles ahead.
Minor intellect glyph is kind of important to have if healer dies and gets revived and wants int buff for more % of total mana returns replenishment and extra See more for hunters and enhancement shamans.
Casting few AI now and then won't hinder your mana much.
And don't ever consider minor Glyph of Blast Wave 15% less manacost but no knockback — you took Blast Wave to push adds back in the first place!
Read again what I wrote at the start of the fire guide if you're unsure of why TTW spec is superior.
Truth to be told, the spec is not far behind.
As I have said… 22k dps down to 15k simply because I was unlucky with concussive crits, no other reason.
Talent Spec: Link to build: Note how you have five talent points free.
Ice Floes reduces necessary cooldowns.
Precision gives hit rating and reduces mana cost of all spells slightly.
Frost Warding was explained under Arcane talent tree, please read up.
Icy Veins was explained for you.
Icy veins ensures safe Evocation.
Don't drop Frost Warding if you can make use of it.
While Fire Blast has 1% increased crit compared to FFB, continue to avoid using it, unless ofc you have to move or LB explosion is under a second.
It has increased crit, but it deals low damage.
Replace all Fireballs in the further text with Frostfire Bolt and everything else best casino buffet in reno nevada the same.
Priority 3 Your spam spell is Fireball until Hot Streak procs for instant Pyroblast.
What are Fire spec raid consumables?
How to start encounters as Fire Mage: Open encounters by casting Living Bomb.
They will keep debuff up until execution phase.
Demo stops first at 35% mark to cast Soul Fires, Affliction second at 25% when they start using Drain Soul as main filler spell.
You can also pre-cast Fireball before the pull, but be careful of your threat.
How does Ignite work?
Ignite procs on any fire spell critical hit.
Your spell critical strike damage does 175% of normal spell damage.
Ignite burns the target for 40% of damage done.
When multiple Fire spells crit including LB crit tickstheir 40% damage done adds to its threshold.
Example: - Your Fireball crits for 10k damage.
See how Ignite stacks?
It procs of any Fire spell crit that you land, above is just a simple example.
Add in Living bomb ticks and explosions, Flamestrike, Fire Blast and other fire spells.
The more often you crit, higher climbs your Ignite damage.
My record is around ~126k single tick.
Talk about agrro problems!
Combustion is really powerful.
While I did stop dpsing, 126k tick ticked right on breath's time, turning her to the raid, killing all of us.
Lesson was learned and Iceblock CD is even less wasted since.
When should I use Combustion?
It is best used when boss is at 35% HP for Molten Fury talent effect.
If the fight is really short, use it at this point!
If the fight lasts longer than single use, feel free to use it anytime.
For instance, you got Hot Streak in the middle of Fireball cast.
You have two choices after your cast: refresh Living Bomb or cast instant Pyroblast.
So here is what you need to consider: refreshing LB before firing Pyro results in the highest dps increase.
BUT, if it happens that airborne Fireball crit'd and triggered newer Hot Streak while you were refreshing LB.
It's called clogging and that is the biggest dps loss you can do to yourself!
The first rule of caster dps is ABC — Always Be Casting.
Movement encounters are where Fire Mages shine.
If crit is generous, you can cast and frequently move for GCD duration, which is usually more than enough to eliminate any idle moment apart from Blinking when situations require you to, ensuring that you're always "doing" damage.
You have no idle moment whatsoever.
At lower gear levels, you aim to be as far as you can.
Regardless if you have Flame Throwing or not, in situations when it is expected of you to use your Arcane utility, be in range of those abilities 30y.
The lower the crit is the bigger is the gap between critical strikes including LB ticks.
Ignite will have more uptime the further you stand from the target.
Naturally, do not stand so close that you enter melee range threat pull threshold, you might find boss turning around to bitch slap you like Shiva.
This leads us to Living Bomb.
Its explosion counts for Hot Streak proc and if it crits on two enemies its Pyroblast ahoy.
That all is the second reason why having proper distance is important.
In case where you have enough adds to LB every GCD and boss to take care of, you should spam those LBs on all targets especially boss or X big add and then spam all those happy Pyroblasts at the boss and repeat the process.
No mana problems at all.
However, if adds are not important — AND are not close to the boss — you should ignore them and focus all of your dps only on the boss.
If the adds are important, then LB them all the same.
To give examples: At Onyxia, you should LB all whelps and shoot Pyros at her or at the big add on need.
You should NOT cast LB on Ghouls if tanked by OT at Lich King encounter in ICC — you should focus all of your dps only on the boss; maybe LB Shambling Horrors in phase 1; in phase 2 and in both transition phases you should LB all enemies of any kind!
Highest AoE damage comes from Flamestrike spam it's greater than LB spamprovided enemies are not moving.
Hey, if you have a loud clock in your room, that helps too!
The last advice is to tell you to "avoid" casting Fire Blast while spamming Fireball.
Use it when you know your Fireball won't be cast in time, when you need to move, or LB is just right about to explode.
If your previous spell did crit and Fire Blast does not, you have just wasted your possible Hot Streak.
Minus 3% is not much and you might get lucky if you have high crit and you will have your Hot Streak, but just be careful, alright?
Avoid casting it within rotation at any rate, damage-per-second is not worth it the higher geared you are, and if you furthermore lose a Hot Streak due to its lower crit, its two steps back on the damage done.
The easiest and the laziest way to keep yourself stockpiled is to park an alt with herbalisam right outside The Slave Pens.
There's a node right inside after the first batch of mobs into the corridor, right of where Summer Festival NPCs are located you start at the zero 0 shaped area, remarkable, best free play poker sites there through the tunnel, the node is in the next room on the very right as you enter.
Patrolling Zangamarsh for nodes also works, but you're not the only one after the goal, therefore entering the dungeon five times an hour gets you several stacks a day with only several minutes of investment.
Gem and enchant yourself accordingly to what you will read below.
WotLK Spell Hit rating versus level 83 boss is 446 17%.
Fire has no talents to help with fire hit, unfortunately.
Fireball, Frostfire Bolt and Pyroblast get 15% increased spell power bonus; Living Bomb, Scorch and Fire Blast spells do not get any special increases.
Your dps increases exponentially the higher your critical stat is.
All things considered, you have around ~23-24% crit increase on Fireball spell in ideal raiding environment.
Therefore, you need ~29% minimal crit to have 50% crit.
After all things are added up, your ideal raid Fire spell crit is within 70-80% range.
It is at this point that you should focus on increasing your haste instead BiS T9 or T10 equivalent.
To get 1% crit, you need 45.
Because bosses are 3 levels higher than you, your critical strike is reduced by 3% when striking them.
If you play fire as fresh 80 Arcane will outdps you!
Consult with gearing lists to get the general idea for every tier.
To get 1% haste, you need 32.
Try not to be below that.
Spirit is an okay stat for fire, just not as good as pure crit, haste or hit stats Arcane has it the same.
T9 2 set bonus is.
If you were to equip two T9 pieces and all the best spirit gear from ICC and gem it with pure spirit and activate Molten Armor — that bonus would remain.
You further boost that crit by having enough pure crit sockets in your normal gear and your Fireball crit will be over 103.
Congratulations on… Blizzard bug exploiting?
Avoid having more than 2-3 purple gems if you can help it.
Use as you will, results can't disappoint.
It's also super cheap.
Humans don't shine because you ideally have the least amount of spirit possible, making human racial a lackluster; and Every Man For Himself is upgraded Escape Artist, making it great for a handful of encounters, but nothing that turns the tables.
It doesn't work with some buffs, but you can bring it into rotation.
Trolls also do 5% more dps on Beast bosses e.
Blood Elves get 6% mana regen every 2 minutes which can silence adds as well.
Forsaken don't get any beneficial racial that help you dps, but most agree that they do have the most awesome casting animation in the game, so they have that going for them, which is nice.
They can also remove Fear and Charm and Sleep effect sand that's useful-ish Tremor Totem is there?
Professions Top three professions for both specs are engineering provided you're using everything — Hyperspeed Accelerator, Global Thermal Sapper Charges or Saronite Bombs on CDtailoring Lightweave Embroidery proc, +295sp for 15sec and jewelcrafting most custom stats; 48SP.
Lightweave Embroidery is potent!.
Online opinions consider Tailoring a superior choice to go with Engineering instead of mixing in Jewelcrafting with either.
It comes down to your personal preference I'd say — JC can help you with any custom stat or have a constant 48sp bonus.
Best profession after those three is alchemy +47sp.
Note on blacksmithing is that sockets can contain any gem, not just spellpower.
If all you aim is to increase your spell power, blacksmithing is an inferior choice for that time period.
Except for Herbalisam and Mining, you cannot miss with any other profession which would increase your dps.
If you enjoy haste, bombs, nitro and parachute, take engineering.
If you enjoy gems or custom stats, get jewelcrafting or blacksmithing.
If you enjoy crafting your own consumables and longer flask duration perk, take alchemy.
Glyphs are something you enjoy?
Take inscription then and also, free shoulder enchant, no need to farm Sons of Hodir reputation!
You enjoy making cloth armor and bags and have free leg enchant and extra small trinket proc?
Leatherworking is as good as others, if no special perks for you.
Skinning is a nice addition only for fire.
Crits are love, crits are life!
Finally, check if your Mana Gem is on three stacks.
Lastly, use up your flask if necessary before the pull.
Or troll your party and make portals to wherever and forever.
Focus Magic priority: 1.
Another Fire Mage, top priority.
If there are no other mages or its FFB mage without FMlook for a Warlock that's doing the execution; or you can buff them at this point if you previously buffed.
Two mages, you pair up.
Three mages, you make an alphabetical order e.
Four mages, you make two pairs.
Five mages, one pair and one order; and so on.
Keep in mind that FFB mages can't be included into any circle or pair.
Mana Gem — In general, use one charge when you can refill your mana to almost full and then use again on cooldown.
Being an instant use, you are not interrupting your dps, unlike when you click to see more to Evocate.
If you find yourself using all three charges and still needing more, conjure fresh gems ASAP if possible.
Evocation — "Use it when it's convenient".
Number two, when you're not pushing dps.
Dead dps does zero dps, but you're alive, and doing zero dps.
Jokes aside, best usage when you're at ~35% of your mana, however, you need to adapt to the encounter; sometimes using Evo at 60% can be a good thing.
Additionally, use your wards if they help with absorbs.
Do note, if you have Icy Veins, you can use it to allow yourself a safe evocation, but that cooldown should be used to dps — but oom mage does zero dps, so… If you find yourself being Fireball spec and not having priests to shield you from the aura damage, use Evocation just as one damaging tick happened.
You will lose more mana than you gain.
Some fights have constant aura damage, some occasional raid-wide damage, or it will be you taking damage because of, reasons.
Aim to use them tactfully, there are always source when healing is a bit problematic.
Also aim to use it to "save" your Evocation.
Ice Block — Don't waste this cooldown!
If you get agrro, this is your number one ability to use besides Mirror Image some targets are not tauntable and images are best used to dps; with T10 4 set that ability becomes core cooldown ability.
Do note that going out of Ice Block brings you back to the threat list as you were, so let best free slots game android get some more agrro back first.
However, if you pull agrro and use Iceblock to protect yourselfyou will not be able to use it to get rid of X bad debuff on you or to protect yourself from high damaging nukes.
Having one target less to heal up can make a difference, especially on 10man.
You can use this ability to drop threat temporarily, but if you keep having threat issues with a specific tank list of starting poker hands best to worst encounter due to X reason, be careful as it ends, you might be blazing red.
Save Ice Block as second measurement if not third in cases when the adds are freezable and are not just click for source />IMPORTANT: Wearing T10 4 set, this ability becomes a dps cooldown +18% damage for 30sec.
Invisibility — This ability is bug-ish on most private servers.
Blizzlike, using Invisibility acts like threat drop mechanic until you get out again and your threat is restored.
Furthermore, it should not drop raid encounter combat.
If best in slot is bugged and makes you lose combat 1 usage is to reset pot duration, and maybe even eat your strudels during the encounter yourself; or you can use it as instant threat drop.
If you wish, get Glyph of Blink replace Molten Armor to be able to blink back from any point.
First reason is that it mostly doesn't really make a big difference.
The second reason is that they bring mixed results.
Amplify Magic increases healing received, but also increases incoming spell damage.
Dampen Magic does the opposite — reduces healing done and reduces magical damage received.
And third reason is that it cannot be cast party or raid wide, requiring you to buff everyone up individually.
If you're in 25man raid with you being the only mage, you will cast it twenty five times and eat your mana back before pull can happen.
So in a nutshell — because of varying results and it not being a BIG impact — as a rule of thumb, you don't sweat over thinking if you should cast it or not - your raid leader will ask it of you.
You should however remember three encounters when they are of great value: Anub'Arak in ToGC, Saurfang and Valithria in ICC.
Anoob'Arak's Swarm affects whole raid, dealing damage to everyone each second.
Therefore you might be asked to cast Dampen Magic on everyone before the pull.
Saurfang is the opposite - the encounter has no magical damage.
And on Valithria encounter, the point is to heal her to 100%.
Casting Amplify Magic on her makes a great difference.
Myself, I cast Amplify Magic on the tanks on every encounter that doesn't have a lot of magical damage coming their way and otherwise ignore it unless it's one of the three encounters listed above.
Pre-cast it 25 times and have fun drinking.
While dpsing, remember that you have small raid utility arsenal.
They have priority over your job to deal damage, so stop dpsing and DO it!
Remove Curse — Sometimes it is you who has to do it.
Healers that can dispel curses are shamans and druids only you and druid can do it naturally, shamans need a resto talent, and asking feral to dispel over you makes them lose shapeshift and that's not good.
Check macro section to dispel on mouseover to hover over the raid frame for easy use and not dropping your target.
Counterspell — 24sec cooldown is long, but sometimes that's all the raid has and you will often be assigned to interrupt some specific things in at least one encounter in every raid instance.
Check macro section for using counterspell on focus.
Here are three important and in way, only, examples : Nether Power, increasing your damage by 20% per each spell stolen stack Lord Jaraxxus in ToC.
Avenging Wrath Paladin Champion in ToC.
Vampiric Might fanatics on Lady Deathwhisper in ICC.
Also useful to save the tank if adds can be slowed or rooted if s he's taking too much damage.
Slow — In case you have it and some add is quite bothersome, use it on them to slow them down or slow their casting only rogues and warlocks can reduce casting times with their class arsenal; hunters can do it too with Snake Trap but it's not that effective; although BM hunters can use a pet with same ability.
No matter how good you have mastered your class, it's all for naught if you end up dying or making a raid-wiping mistake.
ALL of this text is not as important as it is to stay alive.
WotLK expansion is about Enrage timers.
Beat that dps clock.
Mage is a powerful dps class, but you're of no use to anyone dead and certainly are making a clown of yourself if you cannot follow the tactics.
Regarding your survival, first thing to do is to keep that threat meter at an eye's glance, more so if you're crit-lucky Fire Mage with insane Ignite ticks or Arcane with all the boosts the raid can give.
Dunno if you've noticed but Mage as a class does not possess any passive damage reduction and that we have the least amount of HP in the raid, thus survival is oftentimes difficult when nukes are involved.
Another personal layer of protection is using Mage Armor or Ice Armor swapping Armors should be done only when survival or healing in general is an issue, never sacrifice your dps if there's no need to!
There's also an option to have Magic Absorption talented I actually suggest this web page in TTW Fire spec.
The raid can help with Hand of Sacrifice and Divine Sacrifice, and Power Word: Shield too, but those cooldowns are both not always available and may not be enough too.
Best examples from personal experience are Freya hardmode 10man and Lord Marrowgar heroic note: both encounters at the time were both pre-nerf and buffed up, so they were doing some more damage than it's usual.
Freya has magical nukes flying all over and Marrowgar's Bonestorm hc hurts no matter where you are.
Similar line of thought follows using Mage Armor for magical damage, but the only time I have ever felt the need to use it while following the tactics was during Sapphiron 10man when both healers were frozen and we had no one to off heal us; and I used Dampen Magic on myself as well.
Before I go on, I'd like to stress one important detail: Mage is not essential for any raid group.
How do you get into a raid group?
Why would people want you?
The answer is damage and food table.
But buff-wise, we're mostly overlooked.
Arcane's 3% damage buff is only shared with Retribution Paladins, who bring their usual paladin arsenal — blessings, auras and hand spells — and spec specific buffs, 3% crit on target, 3% haste, Replenishment, Aura Mastery and the 3% damage buff you share.
We're also second pick for our arsenal for 10man raids.
We are primarily picked if the raid group has Holy Paladin and healing Priest as healer combo — neither can dispel curses.
We're secondary pick because Balance Druids are more sought after, as not only can they de-curse but they give 3% hit de buff, 5% spell crit aura, 3% haste aura, Innervate and Rebirth.
The point I am trying to make is that for better or for worse, we're selfish.
Learn how to survive and deal insane damage to make yourself a valuable asset.
Alternately write or shift+click name down into macro, e.
It also clears Ice Block for fast dps resume.
Nomod use for normal cast and modifiers for different targeting practices.
Mouseover addition makes applying LB very easy - mouseover unit frame and voila.
Changed target or unwilling to; or everything is chaos?
I can still cast on focus.
Be mindful, Blink is still on global cooldown.
Second use removes Ice Block.
Stop drinking tea and get fat with magic!
Type in any message, I just gave a silly example.
SHIFT modifier will use Spellsteal on your current target regardless of mouseover.
CTRL will polymorph your focus and ALT will cast FM.
General Gameplay Macros: List of non-mage class specific macros that I use on daily basis to enhance my gameplay.
Sticky targeting is there, but no keybind to link target other than ESC which can ruin some other actions?
To update, you have to open macro best in slot link it again.
Type down correct saved set names complete with capital letters e.
In priority it uses flying mount first, land second so you always fly if you can.
CTRL modifier brings up vendor mount.
Alt casts Slow Fall.
It will attempt to consume strudels first.
If there are no strudels, it will attempt to use normal drink.
The game automatically swaps PvP panel tabs after you finish a battleground.
Queue again infinitely with a single keybind, pronto!
If you change trinket by click or key, you are changing your other upper slot — recognized as 13.
Important-ish PvE targeting macros: A helpful bunch that get the job done without any fuss.
These macros are designed to ease targeting on few raid encounters.
Tar1, Tar2 and Tar3 help targeting bosses and adds easier.
By adding those specific names to Tar1 and Tar2 you can easily target them.
My personal approach was to make a modifier bind to existing macro that polymorphed them and placed them on focus; targetlasttarget so I never drop my current target.
Second for rocket pack for Gunship.
Third for Sister Svalna.
Fourth for Sindragosa ICC weekly.
Bottom three are for drakes in Occulus.
For casual raiding, default UI can work.
But that itself is the problem the harder you bite the game — the information is either at odd locations, can be barely visible, and that's if it is there in the first place.
What sets players apart are their reaction times — and you can't react if there's no information for you to react to, be it something you see, hear or get alarmed of.
So let me help you step by step.
What should my user interface look like?
The first advice is to clear the clutter.
All raid-unimportant information should be hidden and your screen should be free as much as possible to allow you clear view of the encounter area and distinctly display you encounter-crucial information as well as the status of your team.
Weak Auras for more distinct debuff tracking and encounter timers modified WA, DBM, DXE so you can react on time.
Therefore, your interface is not tailored to your need.
The more info is that y our eyes dart all over.
It's having a negative effect on your performance if you need to pay attention to all over your screen.
The bigger the monitor the worse it becomes.
Solution: Centralize the information.
If you still prefer standard WoW UI looks, consider installing MoveAnything addon to position everything more conveniently best free online bonus slots no download a beginning.
There's barely any encounter warning.
Solution: Install addons for things you wish to improve or implement.
DBM to name one, top helper with raiding.
Solution: My warmest recommendation to install Quartz unless you're using a built-in castbars via other addons.
Solution: How deep will you go?
Again, the harder you bite, the more you edit.
The important thing is that information is should be there.
The goal is to make it comfortable for yourself and that it should be effective.
Admit flaws in your UI and adapt.
How do I begin to optimize my user interface?
Which addons should I get?
Now I will list you few addons to begin with.
If any addon function is unclear, google it out and google for any other addons you'd like.
These macros don't have character limit.
You can setup sounds, bars and icons as well as their placement.
Get only one of them btw.
Note, if you are using any of mentioned addons here, nearly all of them can be dealers live best casino online without this one.
You need to know your threat level against your target at all times.
Note, hide it during the fight.
Personal reasons for recommending it are the awesome Simple Square style and an option to hide buttons unless mouseovered?
By the Light how I love that.
You need to clearly see your status, target, focus and most importantly, your raid status.
While Remove Curse is your only defensive support ability in arsenal, having clear view of everything is godsend.
I encourage you to make a backup of WTF folder if not copy whole WoW folder and try the addon out.
Regardless if it suits you or not, it might give you some nice ideas.
Warning for Hot Streak is one of them.
I'm not using them myself because I get all necessary information via other addons.
In a nutshell, you want clean and centralized UI.
How you achieve it is left to your own designs — not everyone shares the same perspectives or have the same monitor size.
Myself, I'm playing in windowed mode on 22inch screen.
I use Bartender4 on 0.
Quartz to cast more efficiently.
MSBT to free the middle of my screen further.
SexyMap to have it clean with no buttons visible and to see who is the derp clicking on minimap when I'm trying to explain things.
Stuff like that — clean UI with information relevant to you.
And I use 28 addons, mind you!
There are other addons that I could suggest you to get for quality of life changes, but I decided cut that from this forum version and focus only on interface and raiding information.
Oh, and regardless of your UI, do organize your bags!
Sometimes you loot encounter-important temporary items which you need to use!
Clear your default 16slot backpack and keep it always empty; or alternatively recognize the item and place it on your action bar and keybind it check macro section for WotLK raids just above.
These lists are guidelines for the end goal; the road to that is what is important — realizing which items to replace and when.
Bad itemization will yield poor results, so here's a reminder: Arcane wants haste; if non-set item doesn't have haste, it's probably bad!
Fire wants balance of haste 12% is ideal before T9 and crit — 30% minimal, the higher the better!
And both specs shun spirit as stat if possible!
These lists are for 25man.
Download Atlasloot and WoW-Equip addons and browse raid loots, crafts and emblems and come up with your own designs — or use rawr, or other sources.
Start by replacing items with hit for more haste, crit or spirit instead and there you go.
I find it important to reveal to you that cloth armor proficiency is often used by leather, mail and plate users alike.
You dislike having items with spirit; but so do some other casters; and their best in slot item is in fact cloth.
Hate it as you will, some non clothies will take cloth off your hands and be prepared to grind your teeth a little.
Lastly, if you disagree with BiS list, contact me with all information on hand.
I made click here using my head what would be best.
All feedback is much appreciated!
SP-wise, total bonus is +451.
Its 1% crit bonus in T7, T8 and T9; 0.
Character Model: Firesong Base Intellect: 185 Base Spirit: 173 Base Spell Critical: 2.
Mainhand + offhand have more stats than a staff.
However, getting good offhand and mainhand tends to be more difficult than obtaining a staff.
If you are not in a raiding?
If you're in a raiding guild, expect that top players will get priority on 1h+offhand.
If you're not on that list, hug your staves.
With Icy Veins 1.
I suggest you to get T7 2 set bonus for more mana restore and for more effective burst.
Additionally, check current, if any, world events.
With haste pot 0.
Few words on gear progression: What you must know about T7 content is that there are no 226 staves and that TTT+SL is total and absolute BiS.
Therefore, if you're in a guild or without and you're not a core raider or other raiders have greater privilege on items than you, your niche item is Greatstaff authoritative best casinos in louisville ky words the Nexus from Eye of Eternity 10man, 213 item level with perfect stats.
The problem is that the same goes for all other stave-using casters, so expect high competition for it.
You should start farming it asap.
Trinket Illustration of the Dragon Soul shares similar problem; more so because even the healers need it.
If it will go to dps, it will always go first to guild's Demonology Warlock, then to others.
It's "rare", so good luck on obtaining it!
As for the tier items, the best non-set item is chest, definitely.
The set bonus holds more in it than going for other non-set items with haste instead.
With haste potion 0.
Given how Arcane Works, I'm not sure if that would be a dps increase, confirmation with proof needs to be provided and given how Arcane is not an ideal spec for Ulduar raid due to high movement required, it's ought to take a while.
read article that moment, T8 4 won't be recommended to get.
Few words on gear progression: Tier 9 4 is worthwhile to get.
Normal Anub trinket stacks with heroic version, effect can crit.
Special notice goes to EoT trinket, Talisman of Resurgence.
It's the best on-use trinket which you can obtain in this game at this point and it works wonders with IV+AP.
It's arguably better choice than normal Reign so you can burst down Anoob during p2 burst, but I haven't tested it out myself.
This is for normal servers with 3.
List contains all items which are obtainable outside the raid.
I did not pick Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads because you want T9 4 set bonus, and legs are the best replacement, but if you cannot gather or purchase the mats for the tailoring legs, use the shoulders and T9 legs rip haste, but good SP and crit boost.
If you cannot get the shoulders either, get set bonus ones.
You're fine with them.
Notice how Mirror Images ability becomes a dps cooldown.
Use it well in conjuction with Icy Veins and Arcane Power, but make sure to pop Mirror Images before due to GCD.
Arcane Mages don't rely on gear as much as many other specs so that's good.
Don't attempt playing Frost Fire for this challenge.
Use the spec with Incanter's Absorption to maximize your dps output on every encounter possible.
Therefore it's all straightforward, even with trinkets.
You are using either of the first two robes suggested with it.
When you want two proc trinkets, equip Water Drenched Robes to get lost hit back but mind you, don't have three purple gems!
Or if you're Draenei, swap offhand and socket an additional Veiled Monarch Topaz.
If mana longevity is ever an issue, there are two items to consider equipping: Spark of Life and Leggings of the Ruins Dweller GDbut those items won't increase the damage you do.
Few words on gear progression: TTW spec requires insane 14% hit, so let's deal with that first!
Hat of Wintry Doom is considered BiS because of its 44 hit a red gem slot, but if you want to socket hit, get Crown of Unbridled Magic.
Same is with Necklace of Taldaram, but both other items give more stats overall so, get a Hat instead?
Runecaster's Mantle and Dark Runic Mantle have another gem socket for you.
Cloak for hit is either Dark Soldier Cape or Reanimator's Cloak with a gem socket.
Chest T7 is BiS, but if you severely need more hit before your first raid, get either alternative ones, same goes for the hands, but remember that 2 set bonus really good for your mana.
The rest is self-explanatory.
Use Precision enchant on gloves.
Additionally, check current, if any, world events.
If you have issues obtaining your hit items before your first raid, go FFB spec.
This mostly revolves around your luck getting Mark of the War Prisoner, FFB wants to have Forge Ember as 2nd trinket anyway.
Also, do mind, you won't be doing a lot of damage, but its still raid decent.
Few words on gear progression: While T7 itemization doesn't hold enough gearing power to push Fire above BiS geared Arcane Mage, it is Fire one wants to play when T8 content hits.
Your itemization is your own thing — as mentioned, Fire cannot become super potent in T7 gear.
Haste-focus trades ~3% crit for 3.
If you wish more crit rating, get the following items: Shoulder: Mantle of Dissemination and use T7 head Wrist: Bands of Impurity or Bindings of the Expansive Mind Ring: Lost Jewel offhand: Ward of the Violet Citadel.
There are no good fire staves in this tier; both Damnation and Staff of Restraint 213 ilvl are weaker compared to 226 ilvl TTD+Limb, and Greatstaff of the Nexus doesn't have critical strike nor spirit on it; tho that huge hit sure can help.
Few words on gear progression: Tier 8 4 has a chance that using your Hot Streak won't consume the buff, allowing you to spam Pyroblast until the debuff expires.
Both are great, can't say I can favor one over the other.
While on-use haste best in slot nice, passive crit pays up!
Few words on gear progression: Trinkets stack and can be a critical hit.
Some players prefer Flare of the Heavens 2.
Both trinkets are damn close, but I personally prefer Reign to Flare BiS gear only!
Some players prefer building more crit to learn more here above 75%!
How you deal with it is up to you, I can't say one to be so much more better than the other.
Few words on gear progression: This is for normal servers with 3.
Leg item crafted by tailors is not ideal because you will want to replace them with T10 asap hit.
Use them separately, one after another!
When looking at which tier item to replace, consider any other gear you get.
For instance, getting head and legs as first items is plausible because T9 head and T10 legs have crit and hit and you replace T9 head's haste with crit.
You won't end up losing too much crit 3.
T10 2 set is powerful, indeed, but try to lose as little crit as possible.
With Tuskarr, you require one more.
Few words on gear progression: ICC ditches spirit completely.
T10 2 set's 12% haste combined with 8% raid haste gives exact 20% increased haste while set bonus is active.
Combined with ~30% haste from gear, Fireballs are coming fast best in slot you need to mind your positioning more than before.
Notice how with T10 4 set bonus Mirror Images becomes a dps cooldown.
I hope this guide has been helpful!
Even though WotLK is at the end of its private WoW era, I still respond to emails and find time to edit some missing points.
Please contact me if you have any observations or want to say thanks — or are interested in some of my other WoW class guides.
Stay safe and enjoy the game!
Change Log is below.
Change-log: Major changes only.
Also lots of grammar fixes.
Few Fire spec explanations have changed.
T9 gearset changed oops!
Fire explanations received a final change I hope.
Some explanations are now listed instead of just talked through.
Few details at gearing have been corrected values.
Changed suggested T7 gearing for Fire spec to full haste focus after several test runs 17% from gears, up from 12%.
Addon list is more comprehensible now.
Added more information on how to use Mirror Images right.
Addon section received an update.
Few gearing points have been better explained, and there's still room to improve.
Pre-ICC Arcane had wrong trinket saved.
T10 had wrong haste calculations.
I'll update this on feedback.
And always, remember this joke… One sunny Sunday, three wives were sitting on a bench in Stormwind Park.
As they both laugh, their friend takes a peculiar shade of red, and they expectantly look at her.
Forum version is a bit clunky, if you wish to read normal document version it's more comprehensible and easier to readcontact me over email.
I've been tinkering around with a couple of bis lists I have found for T7 in arcane, and yours has come out ahead by ~30dps on rawr and reached 6909 on simcraft.
This T7 arcane bis list: dps: 7170.
Edited March 12, 2018 by hypertomee Nobody saying Frost can be viable here too?
Its Deep Freeze works not bugged on bosses giving damage and with Cold snap its pretty good extra dps.
Its Blizzard is much stroger AOE for faster cleaning trash and slowing down mobs.
Water Elemental makes additional DPS too.
visit web page someone try to prove me wrong as I would indeed like to hear thoughts, numbers and suggestions?
The problem with frost mage is how bad they scale with secondary stats.
At the moment, the potential DPS is about 5% lower compared to arcane in BiS gear Rawr : 6934.
As you can see, frost is only on par with arcane on the spell power stat, the other stats do not offer as much DPS in frost as check this out do in arcane.
So the more gear you have, the greater the gap.
Nobody saying Frost can be viable here too?
Its Deep Freeze works not bugged on bosses giving damage and with Cold snap its pretty good extra dps.
Its Blizzard is much stroger AOE for faster cleaning trash and slowing down mobs.
Water Elemental makes additional DPS too.
Will someone try to prove me wrong as I would indeed like to hear thoughts, numbers and suggestions?
It's not viable for SERIOUS raiding, where you are looking to do the maximum your class can offer, therefore it is not included in the guide.
Frost scales the least of all, not only in talent's damage portion but in actual stat scaling as well.
Therefore, even if you get raid supported PI, TotT, etc.
If you ever manage to obtain BiS gear for any tier, go Frost and compare it to your Arcane or Fire performance on some real fight, and more so with full raid support.
I'm curious as well at just how much it can really perform, but I've never gotten around testing it because of above stated reasons.
I've been tinkering around with a couple of bis lists I have found for T7 in arcane, and yours has come out ahead by ~30dps on rawr and reached 6909 on simcraft.
All that information is present - the suggested talent build is for pugs, and lower in the details are changes for more serious raiding.
Why Magic Attunement would be good or "bad", why Student of the Mind, or other talents, including your point on Arcane Stability, which is actually explained twice - once at the very build-up stage and then again below when I go further into details about talents that can be changed or should not be.
The only REAL problem that came was during General Vezax hardmode best in slot you want to conserve as much mana as possible use AM on every procbut that entirely depends on your raid group.
If they can keep up in dps and if Mark healing is kept to a minimum, there's plenty of mana left by the time Saronite Animus spawns.
As for the gearsets - my old PC couldn't handle rawr or anything, a true potato - it please click for source done ingame with WoW-Equip addon, then later on "tested" on public test realm s if you could call them a test - self buffed and random boss debuffed via.
I mean, look at ALL gear pieces offered, then make setups according to some gear elimination and voila, you come up with one to four gearings, after which you compare them, make few tweaks and voila, we have a victor!
It has been years since I tested them last tests in action were done in 2015.
If you find a bad spot, let me know!
Edited March 18, 2018 by Vaxsysl.
Still there is so much more things that affect the damage and usefulness diversity frost can offer.
Frost mage used to be called improper for PvE, but if u holdem manager 2 keygen how to use that spec u can do around 7k+ dps in naxa-geared raid.
Frost loose less on fights which require some movement cuz have 1.
Fingers of Frost give crazy crt increase - if u know how to use it u can do around 40k of dmg in +-2-3 secs.
Frost give nice raid buffs cuz of: 1.
In endgame gear the gap between frost and two other specs could be higher but it's really fun spec 2 play.
Just catch your caps hit, then crt to 100% crt chance on raid buff and FoF proc, then haste as much as possible.
Check out 23002400310013000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003503030311233100030152231151 Usefull tip: when your FoF proc it normally affect next 2 spells BUT it could affect 3 of them.
I've played probably all of mage builds and this one was my favourite.
In addition mobs are rooted cuz of Imp.
Blizzard + Frostbite and have more time to react if get aggro.
Thank you for your patience ;3 Great thanks.
Can above post be added to the main post and if u guys can just add few bits like what glyphs would be better to take, click at this page epic trinket or something you can think of to add more to frost part?
And for that I think I should go for talents like this: 0000000000000000000000000000002303230300003000000000000000350303031103313003015223105 Edited March 19, 2018 by Britak Frost mage used to be called improper for PvE, but if u know how to use that spec u can do around 7k+ dps in naxa-geared raid.
I call bullshit, link any recount SS or logs proving that.
Both of these specs are horrible.
And nobody is hiting 7K in Naxx atm.
Advocating for a spec that is just bad in PvE is quite tiresome, especially with no proof to back up any of your claims, and both of you "pro frost mage" obviously know very little about raiding or even pve for that matter.
Why is it that on every server there are.
Guys, Frost Mage and semi-serious and above raiding don't go together.
The server is young.
I don't think that anyone reading is up for it, but if you do want to prove Frost's capabilities as a worthwhile and welcomed raiding talent specialization, you're more than welcomed to open up your forum topic on the subject and share your knowledge with us as well as showing either screenshots or video recordings of the damage done.
There's no use denying that an inferior talent spec, but it would be really interesting to see what the actual gap is.
A bit of an unfair comparison, we have logs for the current top performance don't we?
I played with many of them on prev server in more than one guild so I expect that they're still doing it.
Or just any logs of decent players in general.
In addition mobs are rooted cuz of Imp.
Blizzard + Frostbite and have more time to react if get aggro.
Thank you for your patience ;3 You bring out weird points there and you're a bit misinformed.
There's no "longer spamming".
Even Arcane doesn't go OOM unless it goes berserk mode with raid support and double Incanter's Absortion via well-timed wards, but that's what raid support is all about.
You're missing key talents such as Ice Floes and Cold as Ice and Frostbite and Frost Channeling, both being kind of obsolete; at least Frostbite is since you cannot freeze bosses.
This resembles something close to what Frost should look like in raids:.
Two talent points are unspent.
One could argue if Spell Impact is worth it for Ice Lance instants, but oh well, points are easily swapped.
Frost has 100% increased critical strike damage, yes, but Fire doesn't stop at 50%.
See Ignite, 40% damage done in DoT style?
It goes way over Frost's capabilities of critical strike damage.
If you were playing with the https://juegoenelmundo.com/best/best-pokerstars-add-on-software.html you have linked, you were not bringing up Frost's full https://juegoenelmundo.com/best/best-topgame-casinos.html into action.
Whatever you have done you could've done with better results.
Yet, I don't see you out-damaging Arcane or Fire.
I don't see Frost being as useful to the core of a say, 10man group that's progressing hardmodes or heroic raids.
Of course it can, but it cannot "compete" with sister specs.
You can come to normal runs like that, you are ought to outdps dolts in your group, but step into some more serious raiding that's focused on mentioned progression, you are under-performing by at least 500-1000 dps to begin with, and that's a lot.
First up - AoE damage in actual AoE, not few multi targets to that point you want to push it or risk a CD usage or a wipe - is not important.
Well to be fair, ToGC requires good spread damage for the burrowers, but that's another story.
Secondly, you never want your adds to be rooted EXCEPT when tanks are UNABLE to act not react - ACT!
If Arcane really goes to AoE, it has no issues spamming Blizzard as Frost does.
Arcane will always either be that blasting cannon it is, or will join up in AoE if there's no "big" target to attack.
Arcane Concentration saves the mana.
No mana problems at all.
Oh and it Arcane Concentration as well.
Can above post be added to the main post and if u guys can just add few bits like what glyphs would be better to take, any epic trinket or something you can think of to add more to frost part?
You have 3% from talents Precision and 3% in raid with proper setup.
What does that leave you with?
Answer: 3 If Fire Mage can cast Flamestrike all day, there's little what can outdps that.
As Frost, well, do what floats your boat.
Blizzard spam is better for your mana.
If you will need to perform actual CC, you will use Polymorph.
Other classes bring good AoE slows naturally in different kinds, where you are sacrificing your dps to do it.
In other words, for the sake of slowing down, it's not worth it.
That's why I wrote this guide during my free time - to help inexperienced players.
You don't have time or will to study the mage yourself or are looking to check how right or wrong you are?
What are others thinking?
Both specs have their talent build in a link.
Wanna know the details why each talent?
Wanna know the details how they work with examples for easier understanding?
Wanna see what others have to say how a Mage should "behave" in a raid group and what they bring?
My guide is actually not THAT long, I simply took my time explaining things.
And sure, one won't ever expect a perfect play from you.
Mastering the encounter comes through wiping, not being smart.
Everyone can be smart.
Can you do it?
Fail and try again and shape yourself.
It's no different than with anything in life and WoW is not a complicated game.
So what is there to be uncomfortable about?
That's divided into four parts.
One, you have healers to heal you if you take damage.
Two, there are buffs, debuffs n other that make you take less damage.
Three, why did you take damage in the first place?
If you are taking UNNECESSARY damage, YOU are doing something wrong.
The point is, knowledge and growing skill is what keeps you alive.
Fourth point is the same, but on raid level.
If you take unnecessary damage, healers will need to start healing you more, taking focus away from another raider or a tank.
If multiple of you are failing.
Ice Armor can help during Lord Marrowgar's Bonestorm, but it will help little if you keep moving bad.
Now, please stop with the Frost, everyone.
You can open your own topics.
I'm not placing any haterino, just that if you disagree with things I have written in the guide or think you know better, compile your thoughts and knowledge and we can actually talk.
This senseless commenting go here only thoughts and without "evidence" has no place here, and this is the first and last reply to such comments.
If you want to scrub along, you can do anything you want.
If you want to step up with someone's help, one best blackjack payouts in vegas to do it is to read a guide, mine or anyone's.
Frost has nothing to look at in serious raiding.
Want to discuss it?
Open a new topic.
And why u deleted part about authors and changelog?
LUL Edited April 10, 2018 by Nico Who wrote this?
Moreover, it sounds like he has played on Dalaran-WoW, which is the same server authors of that document are from.
I'd hazard a guess it's the same guy.
And why u deleted part about authors and changelog?
LUL I spent hours not editing this guide per se, but editing the layout - paragraphs, bold, italic, numbering, colours, etc.
When you copy-paste source, it's necessary to do it.
Forum versions are always a bit "clunky" since it's all there in front of you with an endless scroll, there's no read-breaking when you swap to a new page, therefore "spoilers" are necessary as well.
In addition, I had to edit the guide for THIS place, T7, and the bugs that are present here, or some that are not.
I already have three points to edit since posting this, I'm just unable to find the right time.
I omitted the author part because it's considered polite not to talk about other private WoW servers other than the one you're playing on.
I dislike even mentioning them.
But yeah, my Mages were Nazad on TrueWoW; and Elan and Firesong both on Dalaran-WoW.
Here I created Saidar, but it's no 80 yet as I had no time to level alts.
Armory link on "who wrote this" will be added once its 80.
And I omitted the link to my google drive because it's not necessary here.
Dalaran staff neglected their project for far too long and even now we are unable to make big posts, not only from their ddos defense blocking any sensible comments but from the fact that their forum is so useless one cannot use scripts properly, let alone posting something as big as this!
So what am I to do other than posting a link instead?
Not everyone wants to go to google drives and download documents; more people prefer to read it here as forum versions.
And besides, the document version is unable to be identical to my local file see more some paragraphs break and you get titles at the end of a page instead being there on the next one which annoys me so much I could Hulk smash it.
Those are the reasons.
In case you've been thinking of some infringement, none happened.
I'm the right guy.
I've done some testing, and I have found two better BiS lists for fire and arcane.
They both simed higher on simcraft and rawr.
Simcraft dps: 6706 on 300sec fight and 6448 on 500sec fight.
In regards to arcane, I have actually dropped the 4P as it simed higher without it.
I've checked the maths behind the 4P, and it basically boils down to 2.
This means if you have 40% crit chance, the 4P is only a 1% damage increase.
I am a bit lazy to re do the entire list, it is similar to the one the OP posted, but 3 pieces differ: head: Hood of Rationality Malygos 25 legs : Leggings of the Wanton Spellcaster Malygos 25 ring : Band of Channeled Magic Emblem of Valor instead of the hit ring The difference in DPS isn't huge compared to your Arcane BiS list, but mine sims higher on both simcraft and rawr, with 20 to 50 more dps not a lot whatever the fight length.
Edited April 16, 2018 by hypertomee Big thanks to administration team for the pin!
I'm glad for the attention it's getting over two thousand views monthly!
Question regarding arcane blast stacks: 'Each time you cast arcane blast, the damage of all arcane spells is increased by 15% and mana cost of arcane blast is increased by 175%'.
Is the base damage of arcane spells increased by 15% or is the total damage output once spell power has been calculated increased by 15%?
If base damage is increased it would look like this: the base damage of arcane blast is 1256-1460.
If the damage output is increased it would look like this: arcane blast hits the mob for 7000 with 2000 spell power and no arcane blast debuff.
Sorry for the late replyI wasn't available.
To be honest with you, I have no idea.
I really don't know for certain, I have to admit that I never bothered to delve into that since the information is not distinct.
Blizzard was never clear in explanations of base damage or modified damage, with only few exceptions.
By my guess its the standard one, taken into account after all the bonuses, since the damage of Arcane spells is increased by 15%, its not per a single spell.
So by my guess it's the modified one, but I really don't know for certain.
There's little use for such lists as you're generally gearing up and your gear can look very differently remarkable, casinoeuro bonus code regret what other items you have from previous tier.
But if you're not doing hardmodes but are doing OS25 3d and EoE on regular basis, you aim for Brood + Scale trinket setup, EoE neck quest, OS cloak and wrist is good-ish tooT8 4 set and the rest depends on which items you already have.
Sash of Ancient Power Ulduar crafted haste+hit belt is nifty to have unless you already have Dying Curse or other items with hit.
Auriya's weapon is your best 1h weapon from any non-hardmode.
Your main concern is optimizing hit - mentioned neck, belt, OH and feet from XT - and Dying Curse.
You optimize on the go.

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